Company registration of foreigners in Azerbaijan

Company registration of foreigners in Azerbaijan; As ICG, we provide company registration and accounting services for our foreign clients.

Company registration of foreigners in Azerbaijan

Company registration service for foreigners in Azerbaijan

Internationally, the Azerbaijan Tax Service’s modifications are greatly valued. The Republic of Azerbaijan is now ranked 25th out of 190 countries in the World Bank’s “Doing Business 2019” report.

The “Doing Business” and “Starting a Business” indications only pertain to problems with tax applications. With the “Starting a Business” indicator moving up from 18th to 9th place and the “Paying Taxes” indicator moving up from 35th to 28th place, Azerbaijan has improved in both categories.

In Azerbaijan, applications filed to the tax service are processed in less than two working days, and the registration of legal companies is based on the “single window” concept. A company’s registration is completed concurrently with its registration with the tax department. A bank account must be opened and registrations with statistical accounting authorities and extrabudgetary funds made before any activity can begin.

The process of registering a company for foreigners is identical to that of Azerbaijani nationals; the paperwork required differs only.

Establishing a corporation does not need the founder to reside in the Republic of Azerbaijan, nor does it require a residency visa for them to do so. Foreign residents are able to conduct business.

Foreign nationals can even hold directorships in the business after being granted work authorization, at which point they can apply for a temporary residency permit from the migration agency. Stated differently, foreign nationals are not need to be residents of Azerbaijan in order to serve as directors of a firm.

The services we offer in the field of company registration for foreigners in Azerbaijan:

  1. Company registration in Azerbaijan without the need to come to the country.
  2. Opening branches and representative offices of foreign companies in Azerbaijan.
  3. Consultation services at all stages of company formation.
  4. Providing legal addresses.
  5. Monitoring of new company’s accounting, tax, and legal matters upon client’s request.
  6. Obtaining permits for the company’s employees to work in Azerbaijan.
  7. Opening bank accounts.
  8. Assistance in choosing the tax regime system.
  9. Preparation of seals.
  10. Obtaining electronic-digital signatures (ASAN İMZA).
  11. Registration of the organization with extrabudgetary funds and statistical accounting authorities.

Why should you choose us?

ICG Company possesses vast experience in forming limited liability organizations (LLCs) in which foreign citizens are involved. We have collaborated with people from different nations to create and execute efficient business procedures. This allows them to drastically cut down on the amount of time needed to establish a legal organization and swiftly handle any problems.

You should collaborate with us for the following reasons:

More than ten years of consultancy industry expertise.
We have complete faith in the skills and backgrounds of our team members. They are all very accomplished professionals in their respective fields.
It is possible to pay by bank transfer.
We have handled many legal proceedings throughout the course of our years in business, and we are prepared to provide you with advantageous options.

Working with us will help you efficiently and promptly resolve your legal matters.

Documents required for company registration of foreigners in Azerbaijan:

– Name of the company.

– Formal organizational structure.

– Copies of the passports and identity cards belonging to the directors and founders.

– The paperwork needed to open a branch or bank account.

– Details regarding the participants’ makeup, including their percentage of the charter capital.

– Details regarding the director, or executive director.

– Legal mailing address.

– A properly notarized power of attorney with an apostille certification.

Documents required for company registration of foreigners in Azerbaijan if the founder is a legal entity of a foreign state:

– Duly notarized certified copies of the founder’s legal entity charter and certificates of state registration, which are extracted from the state registry.

– Two certified copies of the charter, signed by the institution’s founder(s) or another designated representative.

– The choice to organize the management bodies, approve the company’s charter, and construct the organization.

A notarized copy of the certificate of registration (an extract from the register) and other documents (in a legalized form in accordance with the Hague Convention of 1961, which exempts the requirement for legalization of official documents of foreign states) if the founder is a legal entity of a foreign state.

Other services we offer in corporate law:

– Drafting shareholder agreements, investment agreements, contracts, and contracts pertaining to shares; providing legal and tax advice.
– The apostille format certification (legalization) of papers.
– The founders and directors are replaced.
– Modifying and expanding the range of activities.
– Modifications to the capital charter.
– Open and closed joint stock enterprises’ registration.
– Registering shares and securities with the depository center and executive body.

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